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How to enable slide to shutdown PC | Windows 10 | Tips & Tricks

What if there will appear a slide on your screen and when you slide it down your PC will shutdown?? It sounds cool. Have you want it on your PC. Actually this is a hidden feature of windows 10, which is not known by most of the users. Windows 10 is built for both desktop… Continue reading How to enable slide to shutdown PC | Windows 10 | Tips & Tricks

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The term server actually refers to a computer√≠s function rather than to a specific kind of computer. A server runs a network of computers. It handles the sharing of equipment like printers and the communication between computers on the network. For such tasks a computer would need to be somewhat more capable than a desktop… Continue reading Server

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Multiprocesser Operating System

Multiprocessor Operating System refers to the use of two or more central processing units (CPU) within a single computer system. These multiple CPUs are in a close communication sharing the computer bus,memory and other peripheral devices. These systems are referred as tightly coupled systems. These types of systems are used when very high speed is required to process a large volume of data.… Continue reading Multiprocesser Operating System

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Real Time Operating System

Real time Operating Systems are very fast and quick respondent systems. These systems are used in an environment where a large number of events (generally external) must be accepted and processed in a short time. Real time processing requires quick transaction and characterized by supplying immediate response. For example, a measurement from a petroleum refinery indicating that… Continue reading Real Time Operating System

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Time Sharing Operating System

A time sharing system allows many users to share the computer resources simultaneously. In other words, time sharing refers to the allocation of computer resources in time slots to several programs simultaneously. For example a mainframe computer that has many users logged on to it. Each user uses the resources of the mainframe -i.e. memory, CPU etc. The users feel that they… Continue reading Time Sharing Operating System

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Explain Memory Partitioning, Paging, Segmentation

Memory partitioning is the way to distribute the Kernel and User Space Area in Memory.   Paging is actually a minimum memory, which can be swap in and swap out from Memory. In modern Server operating systems, we can use Multiple Page Size Support. That actually helps to tune OS performance, depending on type of applications. Segmentation is actually… Continue reading Explain Memory Partitioning, Paging, Segmentation

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Difference between System Software and Application Software

Operating System is the System Softwarethat makes the Computer work. We can say that an Operating System (OS) is Software that acts as an interface between you and the hardware. It not only contains drivers used to speak the hardware's language, but also offers you a very specific graphical user interface (GUI) to control the computer. An OS can also act… Continue reading Difference between System Software and Application Software