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Explain Memory Partitioning, Paging, Segmentation

Memory partitioning is the way to distribute the Kernel and User Space Area in Memory.   Paging is actually a minimum memory, which can be swap in and swap out from Memory. In modern Server operating systems, we can use Multiple Page Size Support. That actually helps to tune OS performance, depending on type of applications. Segmentation is actually… Continue reading Explain Memory Partitioning, Paging, Segmentation

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What is Virtual Memory?

Virtual Memory:   As we know that a Computer is designed for Performing the Multiple Tasks at a Time and for this Some Memory is also used by the Computer for executing the instructions those are given by the user. But when there is a Situation when the Memory (RAM) which is required by the user is high… Continue reading What is Virtual Memory?

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Fix your corrupted memory card in just 2 minutes! | Tech Support | Tips | Trick to fix memory cards |

Do you know how data is deleted from your memory? Let me tell you, this is because your mobile has virus. So today we will tell you how to fix your memory card. Connect the memory card to the computer For this you first put your memory card in the reader. After this connect the… Continue reading Fix your corrupted memory card in just 2 minutes! | Tech Support | Tips | Trick to fix memory cards |

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Caches:the Theory The theory of caching is very simple. Put a small amount of fast, expensive memory in a computer, and arrange automatically for that memory to store the data which are accessed frequently. One can then define a cache hit rate, that is, the number of memory accesses which go to the cache divided by the total number of memory… Continue reading Cache

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Having problems!!!!!

Hey friends, I know all of you are studying, learning new languages, gaining technical knowledge etc. Some of having problems like programs are not running due to errors in C, C++, JAVA etc. Or don't understanding some topics because of high level definitions. Actually we also suffer from that, that's why I am presenting here… Continue reading Having problems!!!!!

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Memory Technologies

ROM (Read Only Memory): contents set at fabricationand unchangeable. PROM (Programable ROM): contents written once electronically. EPROM (Erasable PROM): contents may be erased using UV light, then written once. EEPROM (Electronically EPROM): contents may be erased electronically a few hundred times. RAM (Random Access Memory): contents may be read and changed with `equal' ease. DRAM (Dynamic RAM): the cheap… Continue reading Memory Technologies