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What is VoLTE | Complete Knowledge

On any 4G or 3G or 2G network connection the voice calling is always carried out via 3G or 2G mode in 4G or 3G connection and via 2G mode in 2G connection. So even if you are a 4G user of any network other than Reliance Jio (Reliance Jio is VOLTE), then, by the… Continue reading What is VoLTE | Complete Knowledge

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The term server actually refers to a computerís function rather than to a specific kind of computer. A server runs a network of computers. It handles the sharing of equipment like printers and the communication between computers on the network. For such tasks a computer would need to be somewhat more capable than a desktop… Continue reading Server

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What is Cipher Text??

Cipher text is information that has been changed into secret code for security reasons. A scheme for encoding messages to prevent them being read by unauthorized persons. It may have been enciphered,encrypted,or encoded, but it all means the same thing: it doesn't look like English so no one can use the information unless they have thepasswordto decode… Continue reading What is Cipher Text??

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Here are the 10 reasons why we love Androids more than iPhones

It’s been over 7 years, Androids have made the way out to compete Apple iPhones, there are flagships that even does a better job overall than the iPhone. We have outlined some of the reasons iPhone is still behind the Android smartphones in terms of technology and latest offerings. Samsung Galaxy S8 1) Better Screen… Continue reading Here are the 10 reasons why we love Androids more than iPhones

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What exactly is the use of Airplane Mode?

Every mobile phone nowadays comes with an option called Airplane mode. We all know aeroplane mode for turning off all the Bluetooth, Wi Fi, cellular and data networks. everyone has experienced the buzzing sound of the speaker when the smartphone is placed near it and that when we put the aeroplane mode on. But what… Continue reading What exactly is the use of Airplane Mode?

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Basic rules to Speak English fluently

So many of our students want to learn English fast. Some students are so busy that they only have a few minutes a day to study English. While other students need to improve their English skills in just a few weeks before an important deadline. Here are some tips for speak English.Don't study grammar too… Continue reading Basic rules to Speak English fluently