The Java Development Kit comes with a collection of tools that are used for developing and running Java programs. 

The tools included in JDK are:

  • Appletviewer
  • Javac
  • Java
  • Javap
  • Javah
  • Javadoc
  • Jdb

Appletviewer – Uses for running Java applets without using a Java compatible browser.

Java – It is Java interpreter,  which runs applets and application by reading and interpreting bytecode files.

Javac – It is Java compiler, which translates Java source code to bytecode files that interpreter can understand.

Javadoc – Creates HTML-format documentation from Java source code file.

 javah – Produces header files for use with native methods.

Javap – Java disassembler, which enables us to convert bytecode files into a program description.

Jdb – Java debugger, which helps us to find error in our programs.