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Concept of OOPS

In this post, I generally explain the concepts of OOPS in simple way, for understanding them.

First of all, the concepts of OOPS are-

  1. Objects
  2. Classes
  3. Data Abstraction
  4. Data Encapsulation
  5. Inheritance
  6. Polymorphism
  7. Message passing.

    Now I didn’t explain these in a long para, except of long para I use single line so you can easily understand these terms.

    Objects- Basic entities of the program. Eg- A single student.

    Classes- Collection of similar objects. Eg- A group of students.

    Data Abstraction- Representing essential features while hiding the background details.

    Data Encapsulation- Wrapping up of data and the functions that operate on the data.

    Inheritance- Process by which a class acquires properties of another class.

    Polymorphism- ability to take many forms. ( furhter information in polymorphism post).

    Message passing- Objects communicate with each by use of function calls.


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