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Type Casting in Java

While programming, sometimes there is situation encounter, where we have to store a value of one type into a variable of another type. In such situations, we have to cast the value to be stores by processing it. The syntax is:  type variable 1 = (type) variable2; The process of converting one data type to… Continue reading Type Casting in Java

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Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

All language compilers translates source code into machine code for a specific computer. Java compiler also does the Sam erhing. Now the question is how does the Java achieve architecture or operating specification neutrality?? The answer of this question is that the Java compiler produces an intermediate code known as bytecode for a machine that… Continue reading Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

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Java Development Kit (JDK)

The Java Development Kit comes with a collection of tools that are used for developing and running Java programs.  The tools included in JDK are: Appletviewer Javac Java Javap Javah Javadoc Jdb Appletviewer - Uses for running Java applets without using a Java compatible browser. Java - It is Java interpreter,  which runs applets and application by… Continue reading Java Development Kit (JDK)

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Advantage of C++ over C language

C++ have may advantages over C language because of the features not available in C, but available in C++. Classes Constructor and destructor Exception and try/catch blocks Function overloading Member function Namespace New and delete function and operator Standard template library Operator overloading Reference types Default arguments to functions Reference variables Abstract data types Template… Continue reading Advantage of C++ over C language

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Concept of OOPS

In this post, I generally explain the concepts of OOPS in simple way, for understanding them. First of all, the concepts of OOPS are- Objects Classes Data Abstraction Data Encapsulation Inheritance Polymorphism Message passing. Now I didn't explain these in a long para, except of long para I use single line so you can easily… Continue reading Concept of OOPS

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[News]Mobile phone bills, prepaid recharges set to become more expensive after GST

The upcoming GST will add another three percentage points to telephone bills, thereby decreasing profitability of telcos further. Telecom operators and consumers alike have more reason to worry as phone bills are set to become more expensive. After the implementation of GST (goods and service tax), the service tax imposed on telecom operators will go… Continue reading [News]Mobile phone bills, prepaid recharges set to become more expensive after GST


History of Java

​Java is a programming language used for developing distributed application by making use of client-server architecture. Java language developed at Sun Microsystem in the year 1990 under the guidance of James Gosling &others. Originally Sun Microsystem is one of the academic university (Stanford University Network) developed the rules for java & those rules are programmatically implemented/developed by Javasoft INC, USA.Javasoft is one of… Continue reading History of Java

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[Tech News] Now you cam easily edit Voice message as Text messages

All smartphone users will be happy after reading this news that now you can edit Voice messages easily as you edit Text messages. As per reports, Scientist develop a software from which you can edit voice messages easily. With this software, you can edit your own recorded word in recording. Let us know more about… Continue reading [Tech News] Now you cam easily edit Voice message as Text messages

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You all should know these free E-books

Hey friends, ​Today I have a question for you: Which of the following resources are you using frequently in order to learn and improve your Java programming skills? - Video Courses - Online forums like - Social hub like - Books (e-books and paper-books). You know, there are various sources from which you can learn. But… Continue reading You all should know these free E-books

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Write a program of multilevel inheritance having 3 classes person, student & exam.

#include<iostream.h> const int size = 50; class person { char name[20]; int age; char sex; Public: void get_data() { cout<<"Name="; cin>>name; cout<<"Age="; cin>>age; cout<<"Sex="; cin>>sex; } void display () { cout<<"Name="<<name<<endl; cout<<"Age="<<age<<endl; cout<<"Sex="<<sex<<endl; } }; class student:: public person  { private: int rollno; char branch[50]; public: get_data() { person::get_data(); cout<<"Roll No.="; cin>>rollno; cout<<"Branch="; cin>>branch; }… Continue reading Write a program of multilevel inheritance having 3 classes person, student & exam.