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Having problems!!!!!

Hey friends, I know all of you are studying, learning new languages, gaining technical knowledge etc. Some of having problems like programs are not running due to errors in C, C++, JAVA etc. Or don't understanding some topics because of high level definitions. Actually we also suffer from that, that's why I am presenting here… Continue reading Having problems!!!!!

Windows: Tricks &Hacks

How to enable Copy Paste in the Command Prompt in Windows 10

Many Advanced PC fixes requires us to to enter specific commands into the Windows Command Prompt (CMD) - "shutdown/r/o", for example, will restart your PC and bring up the Advanced Start Options menu, from where you can launch Safe Mode. Typing complicated and long commands can produce errors, which is why it's great that Windows 10's… Continue reading How to enable Copy Paste in the Command Prompt in Windows 10

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Write a program in C++ to print day of week using else if

​#include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> main() { int a; cout<<"Enter any value"; cin>>a; if(a==1) cout<<"Day is Sunday"; else if(a==2) cout<<"Day is Monday"; else if(a==3) cout<<"Day is Tuesday"; else if(a==4) cout<<"Day is Wednesday"; else if(a==5) cout<<"Day is Thursday"; else if(a==6) cout<<"Day is Friday"; else if(a==7) cout<<"Day is Saturday"; else cout<<"Invalid Option"; getch(); }

C++, Programmimg Languages

Object Oriented Programming With C++ by Balagurusamy (PDF Link)

The fourth edition of Object Oriented Programming With C++ , explores the language in the light of its Object Oriented nature and simplifies it for novice programmers. The simple and lucid presentation of the concepts, the hallmark of this book, has been further enhanced in this edition. Sailent features: Detailed coverage of Object Oriented Systems Development.… Continue reading Object Oriented Programming With C++ by Balagurusamy (PDF Link)