C Important Question

I am poating this because some of my friends asking about the important question for there C language exam. so friends, your questions are there-

  • Difference between compiler and interpreter [5]


  • WAP to swap two no.s [5]

you can do this program by two methods,

(i) by using 3rd variable

(ii) without using 3rd variable

  • WAP to check whether the no is prime or not [5]
  • WAP to Add or Multiply of inverse of Matrix [10]
  • difference between call by value and call by referene [5]
  • What is Flow chart and different symbols used in flow chart[5]
  • explain varios operators used in C[5]
  • Data types in C[5]
  • what are variables
  • Difference between Break statement and Switch statement[5]
  • Various control statements used in C. Explain their syntax and purpose[10]
  • What are functions. Explain[10]
  • what is Array.different types of arrays with example[5]
  • what is pointer and how the pointer variable declared[5]
  • difference between structure, union and function[10]


you can download text file of important questions with answers from here

Best of Luck 🙂 🙂