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How to Enable Hidden Dark theme in Windows 10

Microsoft has introduced a dark theme for its new Edge Browser in Windows 10, and it looks majestic. You can Enable it for other Apps also. But the dark theme is not Universal, since some apps don’t fully supports it.

To Enable the Dark Theme in your System, follow these stpes-

  • launch the registry editor

    It is very, in search bar, type “regedit”without quotes. Enter the cube icon of registry editor to open it.

    • Access the Proper Directory


    • Perform the Actual Magic

    On the right pane, in the empty area, right click and choose “NEW”,then “DWORD (32-Bit) Value” .
    You should see a new entry on right pane called “New entry #1” highlighted in blue.

    Rename the highlighted value to “AppUseLightTheme” and you’ll see a new entry in the right pane called “AppUseLightTheme”With a default value set to 0.

    Now, just reboot your system.

    Note: The dark theme mode is not universal. So some apps don’t fully supports it yet.


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