Hello everyone! In this post we’ll tell you that how can anyone having laptop with windows 10 turn on the potable hotspot without using any other application. Everyone knows its too annoying to use application for turning on hotspots on your laptop.

Follow the following steps to learn about that-

**only for users having Windows 10 Operating SystemSystem**

  1. Open System Settingshs1.PNG
  2. Then Open Network & Internet..hs2.PNG
  3. Click on Mobile Hotspot in side menu.hs3.PNG
  4. Click on Edit Button to set your Network’s Name and Password for protection.hs5
  5. Save your settings.hs6
  6. Now turn on the Network Sharing.hs4
  7. Your Personal Hotspot in started. Enjoy 🙂

Watch full video to visual help, it takes less than 2 minutes..