C Important Question

I am poating this because some of my friends asking about the important question for there C language exam. so friends, your questions are there- Difference between compiler and interpreter [5] WAP to swap two no.s [5] you can do this program by two methods, (i) by using 3rd variable (ii) without using 3rd variable… Continue reading C Important Question


Java Applets and Applications

Java can be used to create two types of programs: applications and applets. An application is a program that runs on your computer, under the operating system of that computer. When used to create applications, Java is notuch different from any other computer language. An Applet is an application designed to be transmitted over the… Continue reading Java Applets and Applications

Windows: Tricks &Hacks

How to Enable Hidden Dark theme in Windows 10

Microsoft has introduced a dark theme for its new Edge Browser in Windows 10, and it looks majestic. You can Enable it for other Apps also. But the dark theme is not Universal, since some apps don't fully supports it. To Enable the Dark Theme in your System, follow these stpes- launch the registry editor… Continue reading How to Enable Hidden Dark theme in Windows 10


Advantages of JAVA

The various advantages of java are Simple Secure Portable Object-Oriented Robust Multi Threaded Architecture-neutral Interpreted High Performance Distributed Dynamic Let's examine what each of the others implies Simple Java was designed to be easy for the professional programmer to learn and use effectively.if you already understand the basic concepts of object - oriented programming, learning… Continue reading Advantages of JAVA

C, C++

Compiler & Interpreter 

As we know that programmer writes the program in high level language which is easily human understandable but Computer only understands the language of 0's and 1's which is called machine language. Human cannot understand machine language easily. Assume that a programmer writes the program in machine language, if an error occurred it is very… Continue reading Compiler & Interpreter¬†

Windows: Tricks &Hacks

How to make your Windows 10 Laptop into Portable Hotspot

Hello everyone! In this post we'll tell you that how can anyone having laptop with windows 10 turn on the potable hotspot without using any other application. Everyone knows its too annoying to use application for turning on hotspots on your laptop. Follow the following steps to learn about that- **only for users having Windows… Continue reading How to make your Windows 10 Laptop into Portable Hotspot